Delfino Blu Hotel is the ultimate place to immerse yourself in relaxation and find well-deserved peace. The de-stressing atmosphere of our hotel combined with a selection of high-end facilities will make you feel like stepping into a serene paradise. Our fully equipped spa has been specially designed to offer you a complete wellness experience through a selection of therapies and facilities like an outdoor heated pool, a hydro-massage, and a hammam. Are you ready to escape the pressure of modern life and find peace?

New Spa Packages


1. Jet Lag Massage | 40min 60€
A truly individual journey where you will discover the power of touch in a personalised experience. Gain balance in your body by using deep tissue massage techniques to loosen stiff neck, shoulders, and back muscles. Ideal after long journeys.

2. Anti-Stress Full Body Massage | 60min 90€
Muscle Relaxation Massage throughout the body, with fluctuating and alternating mild-pressure and speed, for wellness, relief, relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from daily stress.

3. Ancient Greek Massage | 60min 100€
The ancient Greek massage is a new therapeutic approach.
It involves the famous “rubbings ” (anatripseis) and is based on the Hippocratic methods that took place in Ancient Greece.

It starts with movements and pressures on a dry body. Then powder is applied to the back area with the help of a special brush to enhance the back’s blood circulation. A more intensive pressing follows along a blending of pure virgin olive oil and essential oils of the Greek soil. During the session, the massages alternate between mild and intense, creating a feeling of deep hyperemia and rejuvenation.

4. Deep Tissue Massage | 45 min 70€ or 60min 85€
A therapeutic massage on the whole body adjusted to your needs. Release the tension, stress and aching muscles with strong pressure techniques. A customized blend of oils is selected for optimum results. The goal is to increase the blood circulation of the muscles.

5. Neck Back massage | 30min 50€
It promotes the relief of muscle pains and helps the blood circulation which reduces pressure in the head.

6. Hot Stone Massage | 90min 110€
Volcanic stones are used for this massage. Energy from the volcano (fire) combined with the ocean waves (water) gives the stones a balance of energy. Hot Stone Massage is a unique treatment of heated stones applied with essential oils to the body in ways that bring relief to sore and stiff muscles, release tension and create tranquility and a more balanced flow of energy.

7. AYURVEDA Massage | 50min 110€
It is a very relaxing ancient therapy and potentially meditative, that comes from India. Αyurveda head massage focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders, areas more vulnerable to stress and tension.

8. Aromatherapy Massage after sun | 60min 75€
A holistic treatment applied throughout the body to someone who has been "sunburned" by the sun or sunbathing. The combination of essential oils, with aloe Vera, and vitamin E, soothe the skin after sunbathing, moisturize and protect it from the negative effects of radiation, prolong the tan, soothe and nourish sun-tanned skin.

9. Drainage Slimming Massage | 45 min 45€
Its techniques are based on gentle softening pressures and aim to promote lymph circulation and facilitate the removal of metabolic waste.

10. Reflexology | 30min 45€
Reflexology is based on the principle of concentrating on reflex points on the soles of feet that correspond with each organ, gland and structure in the body. A relaxing as well as grounding experience leaving you with a sense of well being.



1. Lifting treatment for eye area | 50' 70€
This therapy acts at the same time as anti-wrinkle, anti-edema, detoxifying, moisturizing, while nourishing, rejuvenating and rejuvenating the entire area.

2. Lifting treatment for Neck and Decollete | 50' 70€
Our luxurious treatment helps reduce the appearance of a double chin along as well as fine wrinkles and the neck and décolleté. It tightens, lifts and refreshes the neck area for a smoother, more lifted appearance.

3. Face Lifting Massage | 50' 70€
Facial treatment that smoothes wrinkles, restores facial features, while increasing collagen and elastin production. This treatment is based on the action of herbal cosmetics containing high concentrations of protein, vitamins in combination with a special Roll & Lift massage.

4. Queen Bee Face exclusive | 60' 100€
A “Royal treatment” for rejuvenating and firming mature skin based on the beneficial properties of natural stem cells, peptides, polysaccharides, and amino acids from natural pearl, which in combination with facial massage techniques, enhance circulation and restore elastin and collagen levels.

5. Hydra System Facial | 50' 70€
The treatment increases and maintains hydration levels high, while at the same time enhancing the skin's defense and resistance to solar radiation and sudden temperature changes.

6. Vitamin C cocktail | 50' 70€
This treatment delays premature aging and offers smooth renewed and shiny skin. It also prepares the skin for sun exposure.

7. Special Face Hyaluronic Massage | 50' 80€
The treatment is rich in hyaluronic acid and antioxidant properties while at the end of the therapy we use silk cocoons.

8. Men’s invigorating facial treatment | 50' 70€
A treatment designed specifically for the needs of the modern man. It's ideal for renewed balance leaving the face healthier and younger. Ιt boosts hydration and acts as an anti-aging treatment.


Aemotio Ritual Packages

The chromotherapy, the aromatherapy steam bath, the Jacuzzi, the Vichy shower and the heated water layer, combined with the unique treatment, lead to a journey of endless emotions that gives you wellness and relaxation. Massage is included in all treatments.

1. Pre-Sun Vit C+ | 90' 140€
This treatment prepares the skin for sun exposure and offers a very smooth texture thanks to its peeling with orange peel and seeds. It also, offers a silky, bright and hydrated face thanks to the vitamin C firming mask.

2. Ocean Miracle | 90' 150€
Exfoliating with sea salts and trace elements not only removes the dead cells from the body but also prepares it to receive the unique mask with microfibers and specialized anti-cellulite massage.

3. After-Sun Olive and Aloe | 90' 160€
A unique combination of products to relieve damaged skin from the sun. The body scrub with olive oil and seeds, Argan oil and the Aloe Vera mask, offer immediate relief and a sense of coolness.



1. Express face and body Hydration | 20' 25€
Face and body Hydration is a must, especially in summer time after tanning.

2. Express body scrub and body hydration | 20' 25€
Exfoliate with sea salts and hydrate your skin for a smooth, soft and glowing appearance along with a soft massage.

3. Detox, anti-stress therapy for both men and women | 50' 50€
This treatment is designed for all skin types and is especially recommended for people whose skin looks tired. Eliminates all the dead cells and properly prepares the skin to absorb all the vitamins that will be applied.

4. Deluxe Ritual | 120' 140€
Body scrub 10'
Full body massage with essential oils 60'
6-Step Deep Hydration Treatment (Cleansing, Peeling, Toning Lotion, Face Serum, Gentle Refreshing Massage, Antioxidant Mask for Toning & Shine) 50'

5. Silky Milky | 90' 70€
Hydromassage with milk foam 40'
Body scrub and rich hydration 30’
Face mask for velvety texture and shine 20’

6. Hot Harmony | 120' 100€
Hydromassage with milk foam 40'
Massage with oils and volcanic stones 80'

7. Instant Energizer | 100' 90€
Body scrub 20'
Hammam 10'
Adventure shower 10'
Full body massage 40'
Body mask 20'

8. Rejuvenate adventure therapy | 30' 20€
Hammam 10'
Α few min ice war
Adventure Shower 10'

9. Pasha Hammam | 20' 15€



spa-flower SPA OPENING HOURS: Every day 10:30 to 19:30
spa-flower SPA RESERVATIONS: For spa enquiries or reservations please contact the spa reception or the main reception. Bookings are recommended to secure your preferred treatment time.
spa-flower PRIOR ARRIVAL: We recommend that you leave all jewellery and valuables in your room before coming to the spa.
spa-flower LATE ARRIVALS: Out of respect for other guest’s reservations, please be aware that we are unable to extend your treatment’s duration in the event of a late arrival.
spa-flower CANCELLATIONS: Please allow 8 hours notice. Failure to keep your appointment will result in a 50% treatment charge.
spa-flower ARRIVAL: Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. All guests are kindly requested to complete and sign a health and lifestyle questionnaire prior to any facial, body and massage treatment.
spa-flower HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS: Please advise reception upon making a booking of any allergies, ailments or disabilities, especially if you have high blood pressure or you are pregnant, as services may not be appropriate for your condition.
spa-flower DURING YOUR STAY: In consideration of other guests, smoking and active mobile phones are not permitted in the spa. Our spa is a sanctuary of peace and harmony, so please be aware of the volume of your voice so as not to disturb other guests.
spa-flower AFTER YOUR TREATMENT: We recommend that you do not sunbathe after any massage session for at least 3 hours.
spa-flower PAYMENT: For hotel guests, all treatments can be charged to your room. Otherwise, major credit cards or cash are accepted at both spa & main reception.
spa-flower CHILDREN: The spa area is aimed at people over 18 years old.

spa-flower For hygiene reasons, we recommend no use of the pool facilities after any beauty therapy or massage session.